how do I start a small business with very little cash so I can make my products to sell ?

I have the tools to build wooden tables , chairs , green houses but I have a job that only pays about 150 - 200 a week so even the basic bills are starting to fall behind . The factory that I was working in has moved out of the area I don't have that option . To make each chair would cost $18-20 but the set up cost is $500-600 make the guides , glues , stains , wood , paint shed , fuel to take them around to sell .
20 years ago my chairs sold for $ 50 to 75 each but after I broke my neck in a car accident I was unable to hold my tools . Last year a set of 6 of my chairs resold for $4200 so if I can make them there should still be a market .
If I make a dragons chair or a one off it should take about 2 months . My last dragon sold for $ 1400 just 3 weeks before I was injured so maybe i'll see if I can still carve to make some cash . Just got a permit to get some fire wood , for a one off I could use the fir tree that fell last year in a winter storm Thanks for the advice . Happy new year .

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You could try to get a small business loan, if you are serious about your idea. Write a proper business plan, which is useful for yourself, to see if your plan is going to work, and to get grants & loans. You can even hire someone to write a business plan, or make it a volunteer add on Kijiji.

After you get more money to invest into your business, hopefully you can start earning money.

Good luck.


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Business 101. It takes money to make money.

If you don't have the money to buy the inventory that you need, there's nothing you can do about it. Try another business that you can afford or just apply for another job. Who is to say that your furniture would sell anyway?


You can write a business plan, but banks don't lend money just because you ask. The bank will require around a 30% down-payment from you.

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look what happend to the company you worked for, they moved out ask yourself why

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