I Need An Idea For A Revolutionary Site?

I need some serious ideas, please don't say things that already exist. I can't think of anything that hasn't already been done, i thought of a photo cloud type site, but then i saw flickr, and a few more ideas were just like this, but it just keeps coming to the fact that someone else already did it. So what i am asking for is a site that i can make that you think lots of people would use, I am a web developer so it doesn't need to be something simple, just something that people will use. Thanks for your help, and please don't send me to other sites where it recommends ideas, i wanna hear what you guys want

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I would really like a site that compares products and rates them, without pages explaining why you should buy it. Sponsored websites get annoying.

Sites like this are too wordy.

I spent so much time trying to find one product & in the end, i still don't know which product works.

If you can keep a website concise, with proper non-sponsored ratings, it would be great.
You can compare products that many people want, but are hard to find.


1 year ago