how can i start my business?

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hello,if you want to start a business,you have to go through a little process and some steps,which are like this:-- research more and more regarding to ypur business,Tell your good friends,post ads on some social pages..think about your audience.I personally suggested you have a look here:-

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not much details to go on.. but I'll try
If it's a small business, you can try asking friends to share it, post on a social page (facebook etc) or ask local shops if you can put up fliers in their windows

by Carlo Flores - 1 year ago

Formulate a business plan. Start with what type of business. What's your goals, who are you targeting. To the mathematics and find the finances needed to make this happen. That's a start.

by Andrew - 1 year ago

A home based business is less risky and requires far less investment and paperwork. You could do a home based business in travel, greeting cards, coffee, health products, beauty products, mobile advertising, coins, financial products, household items, environmental products, auto membership, and so much more. There are some that require investment to start and others that are free.


by SWC - 1 year ago


-Firstly research more and more.
-Share with your friends, social page & your honest friends.
-Decide your business topics.
-Target your audience.
-Think about future of your business. If good then proceed on.

These are pre-condition of creating a success business.

by Md.Esrat Hossain - 1 year ago

hi,if you want to start your business,firstly you have to search a lot..what type of business you want to start..and go ahead step by step...!search ans read alot!

by Gonzalo - 1 year ago