What should an future franchise owner go to college for?

Should a future franchise owner go to college? If so, or what? Business? Entrepreneurship? Managing?

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Most franchises consider a background in sales/marketing or management as the most appealing background for their franchise owner/operators. This is because as owner of a franchise, your most important role will be developing business, and running the business efficiently in accordance with the franchise system,

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business administration

by Yirmiyahu - 1 year ago

A "future franchise owner" first needs the money to buy the franchise, and also needs the skills/knowledge to be successful. Since you have to ask this question, I doubt you have the money, which means you'll have to get a job and save up A LOT of money to meet the requirements to open the franchise.

Out of your choices, Business is the best one. It should teach you basic accounting, marketing, give you good math skills, etc. Just make sure you go to a real college, and not some scam for-profit college.

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