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    How to stop other people from taking my business name?

    If I register my business name will other business be able to take it?
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    If you trade under a mark (a name or logo) you have the right to the trademark. Put tm to declare your trademark (although this isn't necessary). If someone uses it, you send them a letter warning them, and then you sue. This gives you the right to the mark within your industry and your geographical area. If you have one dry cleaning store in Georgia called GClean, then someone in California could use the same name, or someone else in Georgia who makes software could call their product GClean because they are in a different industry. If you want more protection, you pay a lawyer thousands of dollars to register your trademark nationally, then nobody can use it in any geographical area. Or, just get the .com for the name and move on with your life.
    a few seconds ago

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    • What do you mean by "register" your business name? If you get a business license locally, or even incorporate, the business name is only protected within that state. No one else in the state can use the name, but anyone else in the country can, and even in the world. You would have to file a trademark, and have it protected nationally, then also file a worldwide trademark, and have a lawyer to be able to enforce it. You will need A LOT of money.

      by - - 10 hours ago

    • They would not be able to use the name if they spelled it exactly the same. By registering your chosen name, logs it into records and prevents it from being registered again by someone else. One should register a name before opening the business,so as not to create confusion.

      by coraann - 10 hours ago

    • you need to patent the name

      by Niko - 10 hours ago

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