HELP PLEASE! How Can I Charge A Late Fee On My Clients?

Okay i own a business (cleaning service)
we clean boutiques stores here in California
now i got stores that they take toooo long to send there payment in time
so cause of that im now trying to send a LATE FEE on them
but the thing is that i dont know the %Percentage that im gonna have to charge
can somebody please help me!?

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Normally at the bottom of our invoice we state : "Payment received after due date will be charged a late payment interest of 1.5% per 30 days of delay".

A better strategy will be to offer them a discount if they pay within 14 days. Carrot & Stick. If you just charge late interest, the danger is that they will go to someone else. However, if you do reward good paymasters, you can also secure those good clients. Some bad clients, better to let go.

This part of the payment deal need not be in any contract. It is pretty much a standard operating procedure. Part of the problem is : what are the payment terms you have previously agreed with them? If it is payment within 30 days, then they have to pay by 30 days or so. Normally, we have an issue if it is over 90 days. Then we start the interest charges. But before you do that, please issue a statement of due payments and a warning.

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You have to have a notification on the bottom of the invoice about it. It needs to state that there's a 10% (from 5% or up to 15% but no higher) fee added after 90 days. You can't do it to those not already aware of a late fee charge.

by Elaine M - 1 year ago

you may not add a late fee if it was not in your contract.

easy solution; sell the invoice.

begin to demand to be paid at the completion of the cleaning each time or
the next morning.

by kemperk - 1 year ago