what is the bookkeepers liability in a failing business?

my wife is a bookkeeper for a business that is going under. Does she carry(have) any liability for/to this business? vendors, state, employees?
No to cooked books. The accountants review monthly.
no to any ownership.
She is concerned with the vendors about payments or lack thereof.
Thank you all for your input. It has all been helpful

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She is a paid employee, not someone with stock in the company or a postiion on their board of directors - she has no liability in this. It's the business owners who are on the carpet for it all.

1 year ago

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Not unless she's part owner, the answer is no. She has no responsibility.

by G N A - 1 year ago

Unless there was fraud that she was a party to, then no.

by I Like Turtles - 1 year ago

Did she cook the books? If not, she's OK.


by Mike - 1 year ago