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    How to start a Baby Sitting Business ?

    I'm 13, Responsible, and i live in a residential place(its huge like a mini town really) ,and i have my own bike.("Santa Came :) ) I'll be taking Baby sitting classes at the YMCA near my school , so even though i have Experience, ill have the paper to prove it to parents! Any Tip's? I don't know what to charge, and how to advertise so please anyone :)?
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    Take a babysitting class. This training helps you to adequately prepare for the job and will make you desirable as a babysitter to parents. It provides information on what to do during an emergency or illness. The American Red Cross provides babysitting classes and the American Heart Association offers cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certification (see the Resources Section). 2 Draw up a babysitting business plan. Either create one from scratch or use a template from the U.S. Small Business Administration (see the Resources section). The business plan should detail your credentials, the hours available and all expenses, such as training and flyers, needed to start the business. Write down how much you will charge per hour and if there are extra fees for staying overtime. You'll need to save some of your profits to pay your taxes to the IRS, which should be factored into the budget. Sponsored Links Free Business Plans Free Forms & Tools To Help Your Small Business Grow. Browse Online! www.SmeToolkit.org 3 Create one page flyers so that your community knows that you're in business. The advertisements can be created on a computer using word processor software to look professional. Write your name, services, phone number and email address on your flyer. Also, detail the hours that you're available and how much you charge. Print the advertisements out, distribute it to neighbors and ask local businesses if you can leave some in their shops. Libraries and community centers also may allow you to place them on their billboards. 4 Write out a contract in which parents agree to pay your hourly rate for services rendered and have them sign and date it. Use a planner to write down your schedule and contact information in case of an emergency. You may wish to create a form, like the one on the American Red Cross website (see the Resources section) that the parents complete with the necessary information, such as allergies, bedtime, diets and medicine Read more: How to Open a Babysitting Business | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_7275072_open-babysitting-business.html#ixzz2GQYgWgbO
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