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    Will my friend go to jail?

    My best friend said that he went to a small store like 7 eleven. When he was walking out he was accused of stealing gum. They let him go but not to come back or theyll call the cops, i told him there probally trying to scare him, this happened about 1-2 months ago. If he went back what will happen he also said that he walked past it many times and once he walked past and the a worker was on a smoke brake and he wasnt watched or anything do you think anything will happen to him if he goes back in soon. He has since then changed some of how he looks like new bookbag new jacket etc. please help, also no info was taken and the only thing that could of happened was a security camera picture . If they even have it. But i think they do
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    I guess hypothetically if they still had a picture of him they could call the cops. I doubt they would waste the money to take him to court over a pack of gum though.
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    • You are smart enough to be able to write a decent question, so you and your friend are smart enough to THINK. Why risk going in at all? Is he so desperate for a slurpee that he can't go to another store? I would not go back to that 7-11 at all. Think of it this way. If he really DIDN'T steal the gum, why would he want to go back to a store that treated him like crap? If he really DID steal the gum, why push his luck by going back to the same place? That's like if he broke into someones house, got away, and tries to come back a month later to rob the place again. Why risk it? STAY AWAY FROM THAT 7-11. There is nothing inside that 7-11 worth having them call the police on him for trespassing.

      by - - 20 hours ago

    • The beast did not end up with beauty

      by Justin F - 20 hours ago

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