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    How can I copyright and market my original-characters?

    I created a character as a joke in art class. Surprisingly everyone really liked the idea and I got a T-shirt with the character on. I went further and created a set of these characters and some people told me to see if I could copyright and market them. I've had a look and don't have a clue where this is done or how much it would cost? (I'm in England so and English copyright would be better).
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    I'm in the US so it might be different but I doubt it. In America the law was changed about 30 years ago to say that original work is automatically copyrighted the moment it is made. There is no need to register it and I'm not sure it's even possible anymore. That's why they changed the law, because of the deluge of copyright applications. This I don't know if it is different in the UK. What is NOT different is that a copyright only gives you the right to sue. There are no copyright police out there arresting people for infringement. You would need to find people who infringe, hire lawyers and prove your case in civil court, in the US. Most small artists find it simpler just to be careful where they put their images and let small infringements slide.
    3 years ago

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