What are good stores to apply to for a job?

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Safeway is union. Dunken donuts will hire anyone, Costco payes real good, in and out burger has full benefits 401k and pay 13.00 per hour starting. Mcds sucks so does bK. don't wast your time. Wallmart usually wants you to be in college or be over 25. If you want to take a short 2 day class and pay 200$ you can be a notary and most check cashing places will hire anyone with that. Banks and law offices also like that. But if you are a young girl u may want to call or go to small doctors offices and dental offices they always want people to answer phones and take appointments. Not big ones just the small ones only one person to impress or convince to like you rather than provide prof of skills and experience.

I don't know your age or experience but all I have mentioned will take you with out any thing, any age and no experience. And add something good to your job history. Don't say you we're a brain dr. Just something nice. Like answered phones at johnson systems and parts. Then get a google voice number put what you want it to be on the voice mail and say sorry to our friends but we have gone out of Bussiness. That is also the reason you don't work there any more.

Good luck, finding a job sucks..;)


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Depends what kind if store you would like to work at. Grocery store, clothing store. You choose

by Zach Whitaker - 1 year ago

Depends on what stores are actually around YOU. We don't know where you live. If you want a slower pace, try to work at a clothing or shoe store. Otherwise, it really doesn't matter.

by - - 1 year ago