Which is the best industry to start a company in?

I am thinking, one day in the future, of starting a company in one of these industries- these are my interests so that's why I picked these three: (I know that startup costs may be different for each)

Which one would I be able to profit from the most?

Music/ record label.
sporting goods/ sports clothing
Videography/video production company

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Start with sporting goods. For the other two you need a massive amount of start-up capital

1 year ago

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I can't tell you anything about any of those but, I support service companies because I own one.

If you like it, it's great work. You are helping people and a bonus is not very expensive compared to retail or other companies (no overhead until you get a job)

So IMHO it would be production company cause your outlay would be in the low 5 figures and would only need work at it when you got a gig. So it could be in the works for years while you worked a "job"


by Just some random guy - 1 year ago

Whichever way the economy goes, people will always seek to be entertained. I'm the wrong person to comment on sporting goods, so I won't. So, that leaves us with music and videography. In both of these industries, there's a constant need for stock music and stock videos. You could market your works that way or you could simply publish them independently.

by shockman - 1 year ago