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    First time Ebay Seller. Pending payment?

    So a friend of mine had me post an item on ebay so he could buy it in order to give me my first rating to help me out. The item completed on his end but paypal says the amount is pending. I marked it as shipped on ebay and it still says pending. How do i get it to process? I have never sold on ebay before and do not understand how people are able to ship orders with paypal pending like that. Here is the message i got. While you establish a successful sales history on eBay, in most cases, funds from eBay sales are available in 21 days - or sooner, based on how you ship the order. To help get your funds faster, print your shipping labels on eBay or PayPal, upload your tracking information, or mark the items as shipped on eBay. If your buyer reports a problem, it may take longer to get your funds. I dont have a printer all my stuff is dropshipped and i already marked the item as shipped.
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    When you sell on eBay, you must be prepared to ship and then wait 3 weeks to get paid. The 3 weeks may get shortened as you get more feedback. (Mine has, but flips back to 3 weeks if I don't sell for a while.) Having a friend buy an item just to give you good feedback is against the rules, don't do it again. As for dropshipping, you CANNOT use the buyer's payment to pay the drop shipper. You must also state in your auction that you do not have the item in your possession (you can discretely say it's coming from a warehouse).
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    • You might just want to punt on the whole Ebay idea unless you have someone with good experience to help you.. Most things are not really clear cut and can waste your time while they make money.. make sure you understand all of the fee structures!

      by Gary - 5 hours ago

    • Paypal might want proof of delivery (delivery confirmation) to pay faster. Drop shipping is very risky.

      by krn001 - 5 hours ago

    • Unless you can enter in tracking information, PayPal will make you wait. It's how it is for new sellers. It's because of all the scamming that goes on. This will continue for up to 3 months and over 30 sales before PayPal will relax their rules. So yes, a seller has to have money of their own to pay the shipping costs because the buyers money is held as you've discovered. And 1 sale isn't going to change anything I'm sorry to say. Most buyers, like me, avoid sellers with less than 50 sales because of the large number of underage users and outright scammers.

      by bron357 - 5 hours ago

    • Once the buyer leaves feedback the payment will go through.

      by Rogue - 5 hours ago

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