Which bartender do u think will be more valuable for my bar in my restaurant?

1. A 20 year old male who has been working with the restaurant for 3 months. He has no prior experience. However he has been with the restaurant for a while now, is familair with he procedure and practices in the restaurant and is somewhat comfortable behind the bar. Is familiar with how to make coffee, cock tails and how to work behind the bar

2. A person who is 40, has 20 odd years of bartending experience, but is not familiar with how the restaurant is run. This person hasn't made coffee in a few years and is not familiar with how to make each cocktail. There isn't a whole lot of training involved so they should be able to learn quickly

So basically who do u think will be the best? do u think the 40 year old will be much better despite being inexperienced? do you think the experience will allow them to ultimately be better than the 20 year old one day?


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Skill wise they are not so different.

Everyone knows that a bartender does more than serve you your drink. They are a friendly face who can entertain you, cheer you up, and make you want to come back again and again.

Think of and focus on the personalities of the two people. Which one can banter and entertain your clientele better? Which one will keep them coming back. Serving drinks is only half the job.
Also, make sure whoever you choose is in for only a probationary period. You need to be able to get them out of the position easily if you need a change.

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i like the idea of promoting the 20 year old. my only concern would be if your restaurant has a busy happy hour in the bar area would he be able to handle it. if you offer him the chance suggest he go to bartending school to improve his skills

i suppose it is possible the 40 year old might learn local procedures fairly quickly, but like i said i like promoting from within the company

by old man on the hill - 1 year ago

So a choice between a 20 year old male (don't know how age or sex makes a difference) who has worked at the restaurant 3 months, been with the restaurant a while(3 months?) and is familiar with making cocktails and a 40 year old who has 20 odd years of bartending experience (could have no more than 19 to serve alcohol legally) and yet is not familiar with how to make each cocktail.

I would have serious doubts about someone who has spent 20 years bartending and can't make the cocktails someone who has been doing it 3 months can, at least for a bartending job. Even if they could make the same number of cocktails or even 10, 20, 30 percent more. After 20 years what cocktail shouldn't they be able to make? What are they bringing to the job besides the questionable 20 years experience?

by Apollenaire - 1 year ago