I'm 18 and would like to start a business any help or suggestions?

I just turned 18 and now that I am technically a adult I would like to start a small business. I am still in high school (senior) and plan on attending college next year for business administration. I have a part time job (2 days a week) and I often flip things on craigslist, so I can get some capital.
Anyway I'd like suggestions on starting a business like ideas or the type I should start?
It will more then likely be a service type business unless there are businesses in which I can sell things with little start up capital? Thanks

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U can start watever u want but start with ur large confidence and motivation so watever u start u will get succeed

1 year ago

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You better have a part time job so that you can manage the time for study as well as for your work and i suggest you to have a online project work you better to go to the e business course for learning then you can work part time online business at your home


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