Should I leave or offer my boss an alternative work solution?

I work in an Insurance Agency alone with an Agent that is over retirement age. He is gone 75% of the time and I am working alone. Over the three years I've worked for him, his business has changed. Most of his clients contact him on his cell, email is remote and the agency phone just doesn't ring. I mostly do personal errands for him like pay his house bills, make DVD copies for his friends and make sure that the CPA has the information he needs. My boss is a hard man to work for. He is demeaning, degrading, and rude. For example: He hung up on me this morning. Anything that goes awry in his business is always blamed on me or taken out on me. I have another position that I have been offered, but instead of leaving this Agent with no one, I am thinking about offering him one day a week so that in the late state of retirement, he doesn't have to hire a new person who may steal from him, not work when they are supposed to, ect. I would be handling his administrative work only on this one day and I would require a flat rate per day. Too Generous? How would you leave?

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Too generous. You have made it clear this guy doesn't care about his staff (you!), so why are you worried about him?

If you have a solid offer for another job that looks more promising than this one, take it. Just be sure you have the new job before quitting your current one.

Best wishes and good luck.

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for this, there is no need to worry about him

by Taidi - 1 year ago