im a new seller on ebay i just sold my 7 inch tablet and 10 inch with a tracking and requires a signature?

the paypment is now clearing... if this is a scam.. will the person i sent the pad to be able to get there money back too...??? i dont wanna be ripped off

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Go to eBay and read the seller requirements.

1. You can SEE the money on Paypal when you sign in.
2. You ship within 7 days of being paid.
3. You get tracking and pay for signature confirmation.
4. You mail to the name and address shown on the system. You do NOT send it to a niece as a present. You do not use another address than the one shown.
5. Save your records.

Scammers do various things.
- Fake money. That's when they send you emails claiming they've paid you, but the "money" won't be released until you provide proof of shipment. While Paypal will hold the money, it's visible in the account.

- Alternate addresses. They know about the above rules and that if you do them a favor, they can claim they didn't get it--even if you have proof that it was signed for.

- Chargeback by claiming they didn't authorize the the charge to their credit card. Common, alas, by scammers in Indonesia. Best countered by not shipping outside the US.

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Make sure the address you are sending to is verified by Ebay. To be safe pay for insurance, that way if they try to claim it arrived damage you can get the money from the insurance. Do not send the laptop until the money is in your Paypal account, don't trust any Paypal emails as scammers target new sellers with fake Paypal emails

by Kittysue - 1 year ago