Is Steve Jobs good role model for an aspiring young entrepreneur?

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Yes, I believe so. Steve Job help reinvigorate Apple which is regarded in the history "as one of the greatest turnarounds in the business history" - Wikipedia. His life story, achievements, and beliefs in life are a great inspiration for young entrepreneur to continue seek for excellence. His desire to provide the best product and or services had pave way for the success of the company. His failures did not stop him from working hard to reach his goal and to serve more people. Hope more businessmen will be like him, so we can have more successful businesses which provides the best services.


1 year ago

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Why not!! i believe not only Steve jobs but every individual does posses some unique characteristics...which should be inspiring for youngsters like us. but no doubt entrepreneurship is a topic where the minds usually thinks about Steve Jobs

by Brandon - 1 year ago

yes, he was as passionate about his business as you could be.

by FLGators - 1 year ago