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    How do I know I am at a good shop to start my graphic design internship?

    I never had an internship before, I'm studying to be a graphic designer and I aksed a small local computer shop if they would take me under their wing and they said sure. There is one woman there who is a graphic designer so I think I can learn from her. Is this a good place to start? I've applied to many large companies but haven't gotten a word back.
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    Hi There There are two main considerations and one minor one: 1. Will you like working there. If the folks there are helpful it can be a good learning experience. 2. Take a look at some of the work they have done. If it looks good then they know what they are doing. 3. Take note of their clients. If they are happy then the company is doing a good job. Also are they large companies small ones and what kind of business are they in. You will probably know in a week or so how this will work for you. If you do not like working there you can find another place to learn. Most likely you have a good plan to learn more in a real world situation. Hope this helps, Al
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