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    Is this a legitimate company? Olea Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oils?

    I wasn't sure which category to put this question, so I just threw it in! Has anyone ever bought anything from Olea Bella? Back in October, I ordered some things from them through LivingSocial as a Christmas gift, and I still haven't received anything, yet I've already paid and received confirmation emails. So I went to the company website again and contacted them several times, yet still haven't heard anything back. I called Living Social, yet they didn't have a phone number for Olea, so they said they'd reach out and if they didn't hear anything, they'd give me a refund. I looked at reviews before I bought anything, and the company website looks really legit, yet now I'm not so sure. Anyone know anything about this company?? Thanks in advance for any responses! Here's the website: http://oleabella.com/
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    organization: 1&1 Internet, Inc. - http://1and1.com/contact registrant-street1: 701 Lee Road, Suite 300 registrant-street2: ATTN: oleabella.com registrant-pcode: 19087 registrant-state: PA registrant-city: Chesterbrook registrant-ccode: US registrant-phone: +1.8772064254
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    • Type the name of the company on a search engine and add scam at the end that will bring up a lot of information on whether it's legit or not.

      by Fingers crossed - 2 hours ago

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