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    How to stay out of drama at my job at a tanning salon?

    It's a very catty, unhealthy enviorment. It's the only job I can find, and I love everything except the people I work with. They'll seriously lie to get you fired. My manager is the same way. It's very unprofessional. How to stay out of drama? I work with a few people at a time, or one on one. And, I need to know how to not get sucked in to the drama? How to avoid drama/stay professional at work? I want to be the best employee and sales person I can be.
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    Just listen. If they ask you for your opinion just say honestly I don't want to get in the middle of this situation and say no hard feeling and walk away. Start picking up the slack in the salon. While everyone else is in the salon gong on and on about the drama start straightening the tanning beds. Start attending the the customers waiting offer water or product. Start writing down different marketing strategies and become you bosses wingman. Use everyone else's immaturities to your advantage. Goodluck.
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