How hard is it to be a business owner?

How many hours do you dedicate to your business? What kind of business?

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you basically dedicate 24/7 to a small business. I have not owned a business, but have only ever worked for small businesses (restaurants, boutiques, vets). It's a constant job. Not only when you are at the site, but also at home, because you are dealing with clients, staff, inventory, rent or mortgage of the place where your business is, advertising, insurance, ect. ect. It is VERY hard, especially in this economy. BUT, if you have a GOOD idea in a GOOD location and you really dedicate yourself, it can be really rewarding too...

1 year ago

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It depends upon the nature of business and the stage of development.. it also depends on the online or offline type of business. if you are taking about offline business then it would require almost all of your time..because its in the initial stage but it has grown for a while then it would depend upon the work load.

by Brandon - 1 year ago