What kind of business enterprise could this be?

So you have pick up trucks coming all times of day and night, unloading and then reloading and then coming back for another load sometimes within 15 minutes. Heavy loads. Also a lot of burning things and small and sometimes large fires. A lot of raking and bringing in new dirt to cover where the fires are and moving the fires from place to place. A country setting. I just can't imagine what they are doing any ideas? Thanks
Open pickups sometimes they put sideboards up. Can't see what is in them though.

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Clearing land

by Apollenaire - 1 year ago

It sounds like deforestation. Logging companies come in to collect the trees. Usually the contract states that the company is responsible for cleaning up and clearing the land. Which means probably that some sort of construction may begin soon.

by Phoenix - 1 year ago

Are they open pickups or box backed?

by ParaJumpLR - 1 year ago

Can you say more about what you SEE? Is there a building on the land? When they "unload" where do they put what they unload? What does what they unload look like? When they reload, what are they reloading? The same thing they unloaded... which looks like what? Are they bringing in more stuff? or taking it away? Is the stuff wrapped up? In what? How do you know the loads are "heavy?" What do you see? Who is loading and unloading? Men? Many men? What are they wearing? Who is driving the trucks? The same guys that are loading and unloading? Are they sliding the stuff out of the truck beds? Raking? How many people are raking? Can you see what they are raking? Where are you seeing this from? Far, near? It doesn't sound as if you can see that much... is that because you can't get very near? What are they burning? What does the burning smell like? Wood? Rubber? Grass? Hay? Clothing? Animals? How far apart are the fires? How many fires are burning at one time? Are they burning piles of things, or are they burning like bushes, grass?? And also, as the fella said, are the truck open or boxed in? How many trucks do you ever see at one time? How many men? Are there any people just standing around? Any tools besides rakes? shovels? Does it take place all day and night? More in the day than at night or vice versa? Do they work in the rain?

by wendalore - 1 year ago