cancel order in ebay?

Hi, I am new to ebay. Yesterday I find something I am interested, So I click "Buy it now", and in the checkout process, I found that the shipping was to slow, so I didn't confirm the order. And just now I found this order it show in my purchase history with "pay now". I want to know how can I remove this order? I have contact the seller see if I can cancel this order. If I don't pay, what will happen? Is any better way to solve this problem? Thank you so much for answering!!!

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According to eBay, you *did* confirm the order. Otherwise, it wouldn't shown as being purchased.

Don't bother telling the seller that you didn't click confirm, as they won't believe you.The "shipping time" is visible in the auction and not in the 2nd screen where you confirm the BIN.

As for cancelling, offer to pay the seller 9% in compensation. That's what they lose when you win and don't pay. If you don't pay them, the seller can only get that fee back by filing an unpaid item dispute against you. This strike can cause you be kicked off of eBay or suspended from bidding for a while.

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