What types of licenses or permits do you need to start a dog grooming business from home in Texas?

Is it required to be certified as a dog groomer? Do you need a small business license or permit?

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You are smart to do some research before starting your business. The State of Texas has a website that provides information about obtaining business licenses by category (see link below). They also provide a "Start a Business" link that will provide additional information (link below). After reviewing the State information, you should contact the County and City where you live to see if a business license is also required there. Below is a link to a free website that provides business license links to Texas counties and cities. From the main page, you can scroll to your specific county and city within that county to find available online information including some online applications. Good luck with your business.


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Every county is different. You need to research yours specifically. I live in county not city limits so there is no business license required.

by Cathi K - 1 year ago