I sold an item on ebay for $400 and shipped it 3 months ago and buyer tried to open a item not recievd case?

I sold an item on ebay 3 months ago and shipped it (without tracking) and now the seller claims they didnt receive it. Its been more than 45 days so I dont have to refund them right? what happens if they actually didnt receive it and i keep the money?
I mean part of me feels bad because maybe they didnt get it I just dont want the cops showing up at my door or having them take me to small claims or something of that matter.

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it is too late. they know they can't get a real refund from ebay so they are trying to bully you.

was it a very expensive item? (100-1000 $) if not you will be fine.

1 year ago

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It's been too long and they cannot file a claim against you at this point. Next time protect yourself and always ship with tracking. eBay will expect you to provide proof that the item was delivered and if you can't, will ALWAYS side with the buyer. If this buyer had filed a claim earlier you would have been out $400 because you would not be able to prove that you shipped the item to them.

by malica - 1 year ago

Best Case: He'll file a complaint/report on your account for further investigation.
Worst Case: He might be a very skilled computer hacker or know someone who is and can easily track your down and make your life on the internet a living hell, he could probably even grab some of your personal things and information, come to think of it when he bought the item via paypal he probably already has your email/name.

I'd be more scared of a hacker than ebay/feedbacks. There are really skilled hackers out there who have hacked NASA, and other large corporations without leaving a trace.

Good Luck.

by Victor Blaze - 1 year ago

45 days is supposed to be the limit, but I've heard of eBay calling it a discretionary and not a firm limit and offering refunds beyond the 45 days.

It was cosmically stupid of you to ship an item of this value completely without tracking. All items worth $250 or more require signature confirmation to preserve your seller protection. You set yourself up for this.

by GinoParisian - 1 year ago