Run a party business?

Can I run a party business that runs just that-parties and charge people for tickets/entrance/exit or whatever? Or I could just open a nightclub but having parties in the middle of nowhere seems to be a cheaper idea.

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You can do anything
The biggest hurdle is getting people to come. If you find a guaranteed way for this maybe you have something.
If you are having a party/ club there is lots of expenses regardless...
You need a place, you need to hire staff(liability is huge), you need to by drinks, food, glassware, insurance

Good luck though

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Yep, course you can :-)

Go for it, but keep an eye on the legal stuff as you cross it, although try to pre-empt it first and get any issues out of the way, such as damage to property (so business insurance is a must), unless you can get a clause in any contract between you and the house owner that they are liable for any damages. If alcohol is "sold" then a drinks license will be needed, else they can "diy"

Do your very best on the first one and get people to share it and write about it on facebook - set up a page on Facebook and attract subscribers.


by Shaun Baird - 1 year ago