Can a 13 or 14 yr old get a job?

I'm 13 Turing 14 and I'm wondering if I could get a little job because my friend is 13 and he works at this snack bar during a baseball game and he gets $60 every week

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corner shop job
mowing lawns


1 year ago

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Yes you could get a job somewhere

by Jordan - 1 year ago

Well yes but it depends what type of job

by Abby - 1 year ago

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by general_ - 1 year ago

yeah its not easy though i was helping out htsi daycare lady and she gave me like 20-30 bucks a week, enh it was ok i just helped her around and stuff and i stayed around after school and stuff
but uh yeah u can do newspaper jobs
daycare help
tutor a friends little brother or sister
easy stuff
i guess the daycare thing was my first job
then (im 13 btw) one of the kids needed help w hw and their mom was giving me 50 bucks a week to tutor her and her brother ,, but daycare work is easy for connection to other jobs being that there will be alot of older ppl there

by Ren - 1 year ago

I thought you said you were a PVT in the Marine Corps.....looks like you are a liar. Quit posing.

by ? - 1 year ago