How do i ship what im selling on ebay?

I just put up my ps vita for auction on ebay.But i don't know if you have to buy your own package to ship or does ebay send you a package to send to the buyer.

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ok well you could buy a small box for it were everything fits

make sure you pack it right and safely
you could ship it in usps if your from the us

for your first sale just go to the post office with the box you bought

or you could get 1 from the post office

the flat rateboxes are free and come with free tracking number and delivery comfermation just in case for safety

and well just take it to them and pack it right and you could ask for help over there

when u get the sellers adress and they payed you and shipping unless u put free shipping

so what you do is pack it right and safe to get good feed back and to keep your buyer happy

also wright the adress on box and well then give it to the post office they will weigh it or you can

but in the flat rate free boxes if it fits it ships

no need to weigh it

they cost from 5 10 to 15 and 20


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you buy your own package for shipping.

if you are a heavy seller, i think ebay may work out something with you so that sometimes they send you boxes, but i am not sure.

by nickipettis - 1 year ago