I need a payroll company for a small 6-10 employee business?

We do not have time to do this our selves, so we are looking for a service to do payroll, taxes, & benefits for our employees. ADP, Paychex, Employees Only, etc all seem credible but a little expensive. Please...I'm looking for company names from people who have had experience with this type of service. Which name/company would you recommend, (or not recommend). Please don't just tell us we should learn to do it ourselves, or buy software to do it for us. We want a trusted reputable company to take care of this. It would really help if people only answered who actually had experience with a certain company. Thanks all!

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The best prices are going to be through Costco, Sam's Club or Intuit (Quickbooks)


1 year ago

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It would be cheaper to employ a part time competent bookkeeper experienced with payrolls to come in on a regular basis to do the wages rather than paying a payroll company.

by Neil - 1 year ago