Can I just post a "babysitter" ad on Craigslist or do I need a business license or other paperwork?

I LOVE being a mom and would like to become a babysitter. I was wondering - can I just post an ad saying that I'm available as a babysitter (in Pennsylvania)? Do I need to obtain any certifications or business licenses or anything like that? And how do I handle the IRS. Do I just make sure to report the babysitting at the end of the tax year or do I need to file something when I start the business?

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You can just post the Craigslist ad. There are certifications but you certainly don't need one to babysit. And considering what babysitters are paid and the hours they get, you may very well not earn enough to report.

1 year ago

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I don't think so, I never heard of someone needing a business license for babysitting.

by PopRockMan - 1 year ago

I would never hire a babysitter off he Internet. I go by word of mouth.

by Rick B - 1 year ago

craigslist is probably the worst place to find a babysitter lol. go to its more reliable

by Rebecca - 1 year ago