Printing T-Shirts and CopyRights?

I have a T-Shirt Idea? My idea will include a public figure. I do understand copyright laws, but what I do not understand is how T-Shirt printing companies print celebrities and/or public figures without being sued. Or are they being sued. I'm trying to find this information online.

For example, when President Obama was elected for President, the market was flooded with Obama T-shirts. It is still a hot seller. I know all these printing companies did not go out and get the rights to use these images. So are they getting sued, or no one is just bothering with them?

I want to start on my idea, and I believe it will sell millions of Shirts. If I market it right. But the image is a public figure, I don't even have an image, but there will be no way I can take my own photo. And no way I can get permission from the person themselves.

How does this work in the T-Shirt printing business.

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I used to print mugs and sell them on eBay. My partner who did the designs came up with some amazing images based on tv celebrities and we did quite well from it, selling lots of mugs and stuff.

I got 2 warnings from ebay. The warnings are not issued by ebay but by the celebrities themselves, and it is down to their own personal opinion if they want to follow it up or not, so you take a gamble and see, but watch out for any repercussions.

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