is a money order safe?

Hello everybody I'm selling a real vintage monkey fur coat via craigslist, and a lady emailed me saying she would pay me with a money order, because she is out of town and won't be back for a while. She also said she wants my full name, cell # and address to where the payment should be sent.

does this sound fishy? and are money orders safe? and what exactly is a money order since I'm 18 and stupid lol. Do I have to have a bank account to cash a money order?

Thank you:) The coats getting sold for $710 so there's quiet a bit of money at stake

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Tell her that you only accept USPS postal money orders--these can be verified on the spot at the post office, though for that much you must go just before losing so they'll have a chance to have the money in the till.

However, the "I'm out of town" excuse is not a good sign. I bet she sends you "more" on a fake money order than asks you to refund the excess via western union or to mail the coat sight unseen to her son in S. Africa.

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Doesn't make sense..

A real money order is safe.

A money order is like a check that can be redeemed for its face value immediately. Whereas a check has to clear against the account of the issuing bank before you receive the money.

A bank account is not required to cash a money order. A bank may charge a fee to cash it, if you are not an account holder.

Have this person set up a Paypal account. Or do not deliver the coat until payment is received and cashed. Make the shipping cost separate from the coat cost.

by bubba gump - 1 year ago