Can you trademark a stage nane for free by mailing yourself a letter with the stage name?

A friend of mine claims he trademarked his name JayDoze by mailing himself a letter with the name on it. He said by not opening the letter it was trademarked

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I have heard this myth related to copyright but never for trademark. It would be just as ineffective as legal proof for either purpose, knowing that the post office will indeed cancel and deliver an unsealed envelope.

To obtain trademark protection, he simply attaches the brand to his goods or services and offers them to others "in commerce". Viola: trademark. In the USA those rights can be enforced in state and federal court. For somewhat simplified protection, you can optionally register the trademark in one or more states (often for under $100) or in the USPTO (starting at $265).

If he has NOT marked any goods or services (i.e., advertising for his services), then he does not, by definition own any trademark rights at all, since he has never "used the mark in trade."


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That is a common myth, but it's wrong.

by Uncommon Sense - 1 year ago

Your friend most certainly mailed himself a letter. That doesn't mean that he trademarked anything, because he didn't. He just wasted a stamp.

by John D - 1 year ago

Nope. Wouldn't stand up in court against someone who filed an official trademark.

by - - 1 year ago