How do i report a seller?


so i bought something on ebay, and i couldnt pay cos my paypal went dodgy. so i told her then she said she would wait, even though i said just cancel the order cos it might not work when i get back ( i was on holiday) Then i got back and it still would not work, i then contacted her to tell her this & then she replied calling me a 'skank' & telling me i was 'p!ssing her off'. I want to report her to ebay but it will only let me report a buyer which i find very unfair. Thanks in advance x

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Sometimes you have to just let things go. I would have replied back to her telling her to BITE ME and to keep what ever I was attempting to buy.

1 year ago

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Once you've won an item on ebay you are legally committed to pay for it. The buyer could have stipulated that payment needs to be made X number of days after the close of the auction, if you failed to pay within the agreed time then you are in violation of the agreement related to that particular auction. However if the seller is rude to you and you dont want to pay for the item then its possible that the buyer can open an unpaid purchase claim against you!


by Verdine Varnell - 1 year ago

The majority of sellers on eBay are just common people trying to make a couple extra bucks. They do not like it when you suggest they cancel your agreement. They took the time to take and edit photos, put up the listing, and wait for someone to come along and buy it. You wasted their time. eBay charges a final value fee when an item sells. They now have to go through the unpaid item process to get that money back. Would you be happy in their shoes?

by Roddy - 1 year ago

Deadbeat buyers do not get to report honest sellers. Get off eBay now.

by GinoParisian - 1 year ago

You're the one at fault.

You made a purchase, your Paypal didn't work but YOU still owed for the product you purchased. Which means you were required to pay for it by other means -- a travellers check, money order or credit card.

The seller has a case against you for this. They put the item up in good faith and you didn't follow through. It's a binding contract, if the seller did not want to cancel the order you have to pay for it.

by Elaine M - 1 year ago