Boutique wholesale question?

I want to start a small online business with accessories and I noticed that different boutiques have the same bracelets, necklaces, rings etc. Where do they purchase it? I want to to buy a reasonable quantity. Can you please help me out? Thanks!


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I think many of them just wholesale direct from China jewelry wholesale market. One of my friends who run a small jewelry shop told me she buy wholesale from China online and the price is very reasonalbe. I remember she said the website called com which is based at yiwu,China, the biggest small commodity city in the world.Their jewelry are of fashional style and the price is very reasonalbe. If you need to buy a reasonable quantity, ask them if they could offer you some discount before any big orders. Besides, ask them whether you can use their product oictures since you are going to start an online business, I guess you need product photos.:) Good luck with your business!


1 year ago