Hello everyone!
I am starting a small business and was looking for a good software that can help me manage my finances, do book keeping, payroll, etc., so when tax time rolls around it will be easy and organized. I saw online that Sage 2013 is all inclusive and quick books seems good, but dosen't have payroll features. I wanted to know what everyone would suggest and what your experiecne has been with these softwares along with PRICING. Do the payroll functions help in calculating tax deductions for payrolls etc. and lastly did anyone venture out to consult with a tax professional to make sure all was done correctly and efficiently?
any advice would help.

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I own a business and MYOB has been great for me. Also MYOB is much more widely used than quickbooks. MYOB also is very step by step in showing you how to use it.


1 year ago

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Quickbooks would be your best bet. You have the option to add on payroll or order quickbooks payroll by itself. It should be all you need for finances. I recommend checking out the website for a side by side features of the different quickbook options and see what best suits your need.

Good Luck!!

by Nichalos - 1 year ago