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    Ebay buyer changed mind on a buy it now...what to do?

    I had a buyer do a best offer price of $177 on a $180 item which was no problem. I clearly stated in the ad that the factory seal was broken. I also clearly state that we request payment within 48 hours or a request for other arrangements. The 48 hours passed so I sent an email requesting the buyer touch base with me. Within 5 minutes she emailed me back saying she had no idea the product wasn't factory sealed and would like me to cancel the sale. One...y did it take me asking about the payment for her to notice the broken seal? Two...can she not read the listing that clearly states that? Three...now Ive lost days of exposure on a not-so-cheap item. I feel that this is not my problem...she should make sure she knows what she's bidding on. Do u think I should just go ahead and report her as an unpaid buyer. Afterall, Im the one getting screwed.
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    Well you can but if she then pays she can make your life a misery. She can raise a dispute with PayPal which will freeze the money until that gets decided and leave you neg feedback plus 1 star ratings which will affect your selling on eBay. Or you can agree to cancel the sale and she can't leave any feedback because the sale is voided and you also don't have to pay fees. I'd suggest setting up your listings as "buy it now" with immediate payment required to secure the item. That way if they don't pay it isn't sold! Your choice.
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    • I agree, this happens a lot to me and it is your choice to open a UPI against the buyer. I always do when they do not contact me. It sounds like the buyer is just trying to get out of buying it. Do you offer a return policy? If you do she could just buy and return it, if so you are better off just cancelling it and relisting asap. I understand your frustration but if one person bought it someone else will. It's all part of eBay unfortunately.

      by KRISTIN - 17 hours ago

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