I'm up incoming in my own Cupcake Business and i want to know. how should i price my cupcakes.?

I've only had 2 orders recently. i haven't done really intricate cupcakes mine are kind of simple. but i just don't want to Overprice my cupcakes.

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Do a little research, yelp or yellowpage your local cupcake shops and scout out how much they charge. Then price your cupcakes according to how fancy you think they are.

1 year ago

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Look at how much cupcakes at the store are or how much your competition is charging. Once you get that idea than find out how much your cupcakes cost for you to buy and the. Average it between those and you should find a good price to charge :]


by Johnathan - 1 year ago

Yup i agree compare prices to other places. I would say a dozen 10.00 have dozen 6.00 or a set of 3 3.50 lol

by Mother2one - 1 year ago