how old do you have to be to work at a dollar store in canada?

Well, I am 13 years old and I need some cash and fast, so I really need a job somewhere thanks
I am in B.C. by the way
Just to let u know

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Hi there! It really depends what province you live in. If you are in Alberta you would be able o but in Ontraio you would not. Visit this webpage for more information regarding employment laws in your province.

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Well in the United States you have to be 18.

The best way to find out however is go there and ask them.

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by Andrew - 1 year ago

Labour laws, including minimum working ages, are set by the individual provinces. Most start at either 14 or 15 for general jobs. However, those typically up to 16 work under restricted conditions -- including supervision, hours, etc. Most companies don't like hiring those under 16 (or even 18) for this reason as it makes juggling schedules difficult, may cause insurance issues, and they don't want the liability if something goes wrong.


by bw022 - 1 year ago