Could I go to jail for not paying for an item on ebay?

Its not like it cost the seller anything to post on ebay. It was under 3 dollars. I cant even log back onto my account because I forgot the password. I would try to go back onto my email that I created the account with, but to protect my email from getting spammed by ebay I created a new email account that I lost the password too as well. Can the seller take legal action? This seller is a little crazy and I think he would go that far, no joke. I live in a different state far, far away from him.

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Since when does it not cost a seller money to sell on eBay? Please tell me. I've been selling there for fifteen years and I always have to pay a final value fee and 99.9% of the time a insertion fee.

But you must be right. I'm sure they spent time taking the pictures, cropping them and editing them and posting them and writing out a description and then sitting around wondering if the item will sell and then smiling when it finally did only to find out a loser decided not to pay and they should be happy about that.

You can make all the excuses you want.

1 year ago

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You will not go to jail. Many times on Ebay I have sold stuff to a buyer and they did not pay. You will probably get a bad rating thou and people might not trust you as a seller. Also it does cost money to list items on Ebay. I probably wouldn't make a habit of not buying stuff you bid on but nothing will happen to you - I promise.

by Philip - 1 year ago

did you receive it in the mail?

if not, no. IF yes, he can--

one is a tort and one is a crime. Does that make sense?

not completing an agreement is a tort--

getting delivery of a good and not paying for it is a crime.

by kemperk - 1 year ago