Best sewing machine for making big gowns?

I am a novice seamstress and I was wondering what sewing machine would be best for making large gowns. Wedding gowns, Victorian Gowns, Princess dresses etc?

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Sewing machine size isn't going to be nearly as important as room to press.

Choose a machine that gives good quality stitching on difficult fabrics and has a variety of presser feet available for it. You'll probably also want a serger. Bring samples of the fabrics you want to work on (and some you detest working with because they're so difficult) when you go shopping. Take your time. Compare. Sew lots of comparison tests, and not just a few inches, but seams at least 2 ft long. Make buttonholes. (the fastest way to sort through a pile of machines that I know of is to make buttonholes).

Know that any home machine you purchase will have the warranty voided when used for a business.

Me? My current favorite all purpose machine is a Juki F-600.

More on buying a machine:;_y... and


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