How much would a vendors license be?

I am interested in starting a small art class business in my home, where should I start? How much is a vendors license?

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I can't really give you an exact price for the vendor's license since you didn't mention where you live. Before you start a business, you should go online to the website of the State where you live. Each state has a "Business Licensing" office which is usually pretty helpful in explaining the process for starting a business. You will also need to check with the County and the City where you live. Some jurisdictions don't require vendor/business licenses so it may be fairly simple to start your business. Below is a link to a free website where you can access business license information for each state. Once you click on your state, you can scroll to your specific county for any existing business license link. If you can't find one, you can contact the County or City directly using the "Free Public Records Search Directory" and ask for the Business Licensing Office. It is usually the Clerk's Office or Treasurer's Office.


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