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    Do you think I have the money to do this?...run?

    I'll get to the point. I need to drive 311 miles. To point A and back from Point B. I will spend one night and then come home. Hotel is $100, pre night, only staying for one night. pluse eats. I could go light on food. And gas it at $3.21 a gal. I have $250 for this trip to happen. Can it be done with my low founds of $250. The trip is from Nashville TN, to Boone NC. 311 miles there and back with a Ford Ranger 08. My founds are low $250 Do you think that $250 would get me there and back? I can't barrow any more $250 is it. Tell me what you think.
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    A 2008 Ford Ranger gets from 15-21 miles per gallon in city/highway driving. Let's assume the worst at 15 mpg. Second, it is 337 miles ONE WAY from Nashville to Boone. That's 674 round trip. Third, gas prices change hourly. I went on a 1300 mile trip last week and gas varied from $3.009 to $3.399. I will use your estimate of $3.21. Your gas cost would be 674 divided by 15 mpg = 45 gallons times $3.21 = $144.45 Your hotel is $100. Does that include sales tax and hotel/motel tax? Is there a parking fee? In any case, no, $250 is not enough. If you add just the $144 for gas and $100 that you quote for your hotel, that is already $244.
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    • I would also agree and say too low because running out of money is NOT good at all. What if there's an emergency? Not worth the risk, unless it's really necessary as you'll only have about $5-15, which might not even be enough to buy dinner and breakfast! **** fuel's expensive :P

      by Tijmen - 11 hours ago

    • You should be OK as long as you don't run into any unexpected expenses like car trouble. What kind of mileage do you get?

      by Judy - 11 hours ago

    • You will probably need more money. You don't want to run out of money on your trip.

      by ???? - 11 hours ago

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