Do you have to file a Fictitious Business Name Statement for a website that making you money?

I want to set up a website and sell advertising on it (not Adsense). My plan is to contact adverstisers directly and sell ad space. Does Los Angeles County require a Fictitious Business Name in this situation? All government entities want as much money as they can get so it seems they would find some twisted rationale to force people to file it. Thanks.

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Many states are trying to jump on the band wagon and force a "tax internet sales" and it is BS. The idea behind biz licenses and taxes for same is old and it was mainly to pay for police and fire depts who
respond to businesses.....who need help.

internet sites have no such need. Perhaps someone will sue the state for this.

for now, IGNORE the fns that each state requires for fixed site biz' in the world would any city know you
have an internet only biz????

1 year ago