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    IS IT SAFE to go to a hair stylist who works from home?!! please answer!!?

    well I talked to this lady probably 4 times already.. She is a hair extention artist and puts in many hair extentions.. But she works at home because she told me that she does it part time because she is a nurse. I have talked to her before but I dont think she remembered me today because she asked again if I got the micro beads or loops. (she told me to do loop) and we made an appointment. I was a bit hesitant to go to her house, but she only is charging me 100 dollars to get them in and also told me which place to get them from. I guess I am scared to get kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery.. I watch alot of movies.... But she gave me her address and she said there was a security code on it because she lives in a condo complex with gates... so I have to enter a code while going in.... do you think she is legit?. I am pretty sure she has a website.. and I found her on craigslist... what are the chances of getting kidnapped by going to someones house... I mean she is a woman but what if she has men around. I dont know if I have a bad feeling or a good feeling.. please help!! i pick best answer tonight! also I dont have anyone to come with me :(
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    You are being very paranoid. My mom is a hair dresser and she has her shop in our house. She did that when I was a baby so she could work at home and not send me away to daycare. The fact that she lives in a condo complex with gates probably means she has some money. There are other people who live in the complex so no one would dare do something stupid. A neighbor would hear screaming or a struggle. In all seriousness, you really watch too many movies. The chance of this happening is so unlikely it's not even funny. If this worries you so much, then you probably have a mental illness. It's fine, it's safe and you're going to be fine. This question is honestly silly enough to be a prank. It probably is and I probably have just wasted my time. -_-
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