how do i start my own retail shop?

do it cost to sale other designer clothes in my store?
where do i get my wholesale products?

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Hi Laquithi...

Well... where do we start, because this is a huge massive topic!

You will definitely need a good bit of money to get going, plus a business plan.

The most important thing is passing traffic - i.e. how many people pass the store front to your shop. A turn down a side street can mean the difference between success and failure. Spend the most amount of time finding the best location and negotiating tough with rent.

Figure at least $700 a week for leasing, plus $15,000 startup capital (minimum).

The next part is finding the products and negotiating with suppliers. Start by using a search engine to find this data - look for "wholesale XYZ". There are now global marketplaces that can help, such as Alibaba.

Good luck, with $30,000, a solid business plan and the best location you stand a chance. remember that 50% fail within the first 2 years.

As an alternative you could look to smaller business ideas and use these to generate funds to fund bigger ideas.



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Your not giving a whole lot of detail but you need a business plan and some capital.

by Hilary - 1 year ago

Contact a group called Score ( ) for help in developing a business plan. The questions you ask, along with many others, will be part of that plan.

by Judy - 1 year ago