Best way to sell and package figures on ebay?

Hello. I got a complaint on my first ebay sell on my Marvel Legend lot because supposedly there was one scratch on the figure and that the figures where thrown in there. I stack the figures together and bubble rapped them all so I do not know what I did wrong? Should I just sell them all individuality or in a lot? How should I package them too?

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I think your buyer is unreasonable. Your listing says they are used so a scratch on one of them is to be expected. But maybe you should wrap figures individually when you are selling a few. But I'd make "extra" clear in your listing that the items are used, are NOT mint or perfect and show signs of use. I think some buyers are impossible to please and you haven't done anything wrong, more that you have a whining buyer who expects perfect and mint condition even though your listing says they are used.

1 year ago

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Did you wrap them individually?

by Quick Answers - 1 year ago