Need help naming a horse store?

I have finally decided that I'm going to start up a business just for horses. I have always loved horses and I know this would be a good business for me. I just need help with a name. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated and please no mean answers. Thank you

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Play around with words - use a thesaurus if you need to or look at a horse magazine or ads on line for horses - and be creative - Here are a few ideas I came up with

Equestrian Suplies
Equestrian World or Equestrian Alley (or find a similar wording)
Boots & Spurs
Saddle Tramps
Palamino's Supplies or some other horse breed like
Hi Ho Silver
Chincoteaugue Supplies
Horse & Buggy
Wild Horses ( A song by the Rolling Stones)
Runaway Horse
Wildfire ( A song from the 70's)
Painted Pony
Comanche's (General Custer's Horse during the Civil War)

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