I think I may have started my own Mafia?

Well, me and my close cousins all go to high school together.
At the end of last school year, I decided to tell them that I will be buying things at a retail price, and selling them higer then the retail price at school. (Mainly because kids will do anything to get something.) My cousins were in on it, so we decided to do it. I was named the leader since im the one who bought all the products. Because I actually have a job. Well the school year started, and everything went as planned. Our biggest sells were junk food, and sun glasses. FIrst couple of weeks we made like atleast $500. Then as we progressed and got more money, we started banking $600-900 a week. And that is a lot for us teenagers. I want some personal advice, should i put a stop to this? Or let it grow? I would hate to get in trouble with the law from this. But the money is just great. I am not trolling, so please dont accuse me. I just want advice.

Thank you in advance.

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Is selling the things not allowed at school, or are they since if they are allowed you are doing great keep doing it. If they are not (why wouldn't they be allowed xD) you should try to tone it down a little so that it is less conspicuous

1 year ago

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Na man, keep doing it. Then you'll get waaaaaaaaaay more than 600$ a week


by Darwin Ochoa - 1 year ago

u r doing great man don't stop but just keep it low don't brag about it, and good luck.

by alan85au - 1 year ago